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This was the website for Naphoto Gallery, displaying the photographic work of Nathan Alexander.
Content is from the site's 2012 archived pages. The new owner of this domain decided to keep as much original content for the site as possible and to direct the inadvertent visitor who is looking for Nathan Alexander's work to his current website.

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I am 18 years old and have lived in beautiful Lake Tahoe, Nevada my whole life. I have been practicing photography for over 7 years, starting with black and white darkroom photography classes as well as color darkroom photography.

I am currently studying the many aspects of digital as well as studio, landscape and portrait photography. I recently interned for 9 months with a professional photography studio ( and have gained knowledge and hands on experience in everything from shooting and editing, to printing and framing by professional standards.

I have also been studying the various types of marketing, advertising, relations and production as specified by the professional photography community. Please take some time to view my work. If you are interested in purchasing any of my photography or booking my services for an event, please contact me for more information. Thanks!



With a decade past and digital photography becoming more obsolete, I've decided to take another step forward in the field. While completely updating software and equipment for the best possible quality, myself and a small team of associates are helping to make Nathan Alexander Photography a friendlier, more professional, and more affordable photographic experience.



Now offering personal, relaxed, and productive photo shoots.

With countless locations to choose from your portraits can be customized to fit a specific lifestyle or personality. Feel free to include friends, family, pets, or props to help create an expressive and unique photo shoot.

An update: My daughter takes to heart the above suggestion when she "styles" our family portrait get-togethers. The results are not only memorable, but also hilarious. A recent photograph had us arranged with various janitorial supply props. I work for an e commerce site that sells such supplies. I am always going on about how we have the best wholesale prices on paper towels, toilet paper, and other paper products. So my photo crazed daughter posed us holding, wearing, throwing paper products from the store. I showed the photo to my boss and it inspired him to create an advertising campaign using the same concept. He even allowed my daughter to attend the shoot and assist the professional photographer. She was thrilled.

Prints and frames are available in many different sizes, and a digital CD or flash drive for your photos are available - giving you the freedom to further edit, print, and email your portraits.

If you're interested in a photo shoot please contact me on the "about" page, leave your name, contact information and a short message describing your request and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


 A Sailing Stone in Death Valley
Image Credit: Nathan Alexander, Wikipedia

Explanation: How did this big rock end up on this strange terrain? One of the more unusual places here on Earth occurs inside Death Valley, California, USA. There a dried lakebed named Racetrack Playa exists that is almost perfectly flat, with the odd exception of some very large stones, one of which is pictured above. Now the flatness and texture of large playa like Racetrack are fascinating but not scientifically puzzling -- they are caused by mud flowing, drying, and cracking after a heavy rain. Only recently, however, has a viable scientific hypothesis been given to explain how 300-kilogram sailing stones ended up near the middle of such a large flat surface. Unfortunately, as frequently happens in science, a seemingly surreal problem ends up having a relatively mundane solution. It turns out that high winds after a rain can push even heavy rocks across a temporarily slick lakebed.   



More Background On Nathan Alexander

Nathan Alexander is a multi-talented photographer and media creator based in Austin, Texas, known for his outdoor and portrait photography. With a passion that started in his early years, Alexander's journey into the world of photography and media is a testament to his dedication to the craft. Born and raised in the foothills of Colorado and having a background in theatre arts and live entertainment, Alexander has always been drawn to creating art and meaningful experiences. This foundation has significantly influenced his approach to photography, allowing him to live out his obsessions for making things and seeking adventure through his work.

Alexander's portfolio spans various forms of photography, including headshots, senior photos, portrait style photography, and product photography. He emphasizes collaboration with his clients, from brainstorming ideas to selecting locations, ensuring that the photography process is as seamless and enjoyable as possible​​. Beyond photography, Nathan Eric Alexander (possibly another facet of his professional identity or a different individual sharing a similar name) is showcased as a multi-skilled media creator based in Los Angeles, CA. His work includes not only photography but also roles as a cinematographer and editor. He has a broad range of experience, having worked in broadcast news, indie film, corporate video, and event photography, and has contributed to award-winning short films and Emmy-nominated news shows​​.

The work of Nathan Alexander reflects a deep commitment to both the artistic and technical aspects of photography and media production. Whether capturing the natural beauty of outdoor settings or crafting compelling narratives through studio photography, Alexander brings a unique vision and creativity to his projects. His approach is characterized by a desire to create art and share adventures, traits that have undoubtedly contributed to his success as a photographer and media creator. Through his diverse portfolio and multi-disciplinary skills, Alexander offers a wide variety of services to meet the needs of his clients, promising results that are both professional and personal.

For those interested in learning more about Nathan Alexander's photography and media services, or to view his portfolio, visiting his official website would provide a closer look at his work and the opportunity to book a consultation​​​​​​.



  1. Individual Clients: These include people looking for high-quality, personalized photography services such as headshots, senior pictures, family portraits, and engagement photos. Nathan Alexander's emphasis on collaboration and his ability to capture individual personalities and stories through his lens make him appealing to those wanting more than just standard photographs.

  2. Event Organizers: With experience in event photography, Alexander can cater to those organizing events such as weddings, corporate gatherings, and private parties who need a photographer capable of capturing the essence of their events.

  3. Outdoor Enthusiasts: Given his designation as an outdoor photographer and his personal passion for adventure, Alexander's work naturally attracts clients who wish to have their photographs taken in natural settings or who want their outdoor experiences captured in a professional manner.

  4. Product Brands: His portfolio also includes product photography, suggesting that brands looking for high-quality images of their products for marketing, advertising, or online sales are part of his audience. This segment values his attention to detail and ability to present their products in an appealing way.

  5. Creative Communities: Alexander's background in theatre arts, live entertainment, and his broad experience in media creation, including short films and corporate videos, position him well within creative communities. These communities appreciate his artistic vision and technical skills, whether for collaborative projects or for services that require a creative eye.

  6. Professional Networks: Professionals in related fields, such as cinematography, editing, and media production, represent another audience segment. Given his multifaceted career and the variety of services he offers, Alexander is well-placed to network with other professionals who may require his expertise or with whom he could collaborate on larger projects.

Nathan Alexander's ability to blend artistic creativity with professional photography services means his audience is diverse, spanning across individuals and organizations with varied needs but a common appreciation for quality, creativity, and personalization in photography.


Known For

Nathan Alexander is known for his versatile and artistic approach to photography, with a particular emphasis on outdoor and portrait photography. His work and professional services are characterized by several key elements:

  1. Outdoor Photography: Alexander has established a reputation as an outdoor photographer, capturing the natural beauty of landscapes and outdoor settings. His passion for adventure and the outdoors is reflected in his ability to create stunning visuals that highlight the beauty and drama of natural environments.

  2. Portrait Photography: He is also known for his portrait photography, where he focuses on capturing the personality and essence of his subjects. Whether through headshots, senior photos, or family portraits, Alexander's work in this area is characterized by its personalized approach and the quality of its emotional expression.

  3. Collaborative Process: Alexander emphasizes collaboration with his clients, working closely with them to brainstorm ideas, choose locations, and create a photography experience that is tailored to their needs and visions. This approach ensures that each photo shoot is unique and reflective of the subject's personality and preferences.

  4. Product Photography: In addition to his outdoor and portrait work, Alexander offers product photography services. He is known for his ability to present products in an appealing and professional manner, making his services valuable for brands looking for high-quality images for marketing and advertising purposes.

  5. Versatility and Technical Skill: His background in theatre arts, live entertainment, and his experience across different aspects of media creation, including cinematography and editing, showcase his versatility and technical skill. Alexander's work spans various formats and styles, demonstrating his adaptability and creative vision.

  6. Personalized and High-Quality Service: Clients value Alexander for the personalized and high-quality service he provides. His dedication to creating meaningful experiences and capturing moments with professional excellence sets his work apart in the field of photography.

Nathan Alexander's known for these aspects of his work, reflecting a broad skill set and a commitment to quality and creativity in photography and media production. His ability to connect with clients and subjects, combined with his technical expertise and artistic vision, makes his photography distinctive and valued by a diverse audience.